In Nablus city, Jabal An-Nar Club was Established in 2003 by 25 Palestinian activist figures in the political, social and sports fields. The club was founded as a youth organization working to develop the skills of the Palestinian youth in Nablus in the social, economic, cultural and sports fields beside voluntary work.

Due to Jabal An-Nar Club’s strong reltions with youth and the trust gained by local community in Nablus governorate especially by universities and other youth institutions, both male and female youth are encouraged to become involved members in the club and participate in its sports, cultural, artistic and social activities. The club, in addition, has offered many opportunities to both gender youth from other northern governorates asTubas, Jenin, Tulkarem, Salfit and Qalqilya, to take part in its various activities. In 2009, the services of Jabal An-Nar were expanded after establishing a Youth Development Resources Center (YDRC) in the club to include a group of intensive trainings as ICT and media trainings as well as other awareness activities and leadership and Empowerment for Fresh Graduates (EFG) trainings.

The Club consists of 70 members of General Assembly who elect the board of directors which is made up of nine members.
The members of the board of directors in the club:

• Dirar Tuqan , Chairman
• Awnee Donbok , deputy of Chairman
• Amjad Shqir , General Secretary
• Bashaar Yauish , Treasurer
• Mohammad Souaan , The head of scout Committee
• Abed Al-Hadi Basheer, The head of Youth Committee
• Bahaa Jarrar, The head of PR Committee
• Salmah Abu Yassin Jarrar The head of Arts And Cultural Committee
• Wadaah Al-Dalal , The head of Sports Committee

The Vision of Jabal An-Nar:

The youth are active contributors in community development

The Message of Jabal-An-Nar Club:

Developing the skills and capability of youth from both genders in Nablus governorate in order to reach their personal and social goals.

The Strategic Goals of Jabal An-Nar for the time period 2022-2027:

The first strategic goal: is to provide employment opportunities for youth.
The second strategic goal: is to activate the social , economic and political role of youth.
The third strategic goal: is to enhance the performance of the club to get continuity and self-reliance.

The forth strategic goal: is to provide social and recreational opportunities for community members in marginalize areas.

The Basic Units of  Jabal An-Nar:

First, Media and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Unit: which conducts a group of training sessions and workshops in the following fields:

• Photography trainings;
• Graphic design trainings;
• Film making trainings;
• Basic computer trainings;
• Computer maintenance workshops; and
• Workshops on the use of social media.

Moreover, the unit offers other many media services such film production, spots production and media coverage for various events and conferences.

Second, Youth Programs Unit : which provides a group of programs and activities that aim at enhancing the various skills and capacities of youth and serve different segments of the local community. These programs and activities include:

Youth Serve Palestine Training: that aims at improving the youth’s personal skills and capabilities regarding leadership and planning and implementing voluntary activities.
Youth initiatives and activities: which include a group of activities and campaigns led and implemented by youth and aim at serving various segments of local community in general and the marginalized groups, in specific.
Trainings and various workshops: that aim at reinforcing the skills and capabilities of the Palestinian youth in different fields so that their needs are met and they become active contributors in improving their reality.
Clowning and Entertainment Activities. On a regular basis, the club implements various entertainment and clowning activities for all age groups in the local community through its Clowning and Entertainment team.

Third, Employment Unit: which aims at reinforcing the skills and capabilities of graduates and the about-to-graduate youth in order to improve their opportunities to get jobs in the future. Trainings include:

Be Ready For Work Training: which aims at enhancing the skills and capabilities of graduates in marketing themselves and improving their various career skills.
External and Internal Internships: which include providing practical training opportunities for graduates in Jabal An-Nar Club and other local organizations in order to connect them with labor market and equip youth with the skills needed for work environment.
Support and Career Counseling: through constant support for graduates both individually and in groups. Tamheed, for example, is considered one of these specialized programs in this field. Its purpose is to assist youth in making decisions about their future career and recognizing their points of strength and the aspects they need to work on. It also helps the graduates improve their possibility to get the kind of job suitable for their interests and personal traits.

  • Empowerment for Fresh Graduates (EFG) Program. This comprehensive, distinctive program consists of two primary stages:
    • The intensive training stage. It consists of 90 training hours to provide the graduates with the basic skills needed in the workplace. This includes five types of primary trainings which are: Public Relations for Work, Media for Work, Principles of Accounting and Finance for Work, Information Communication Technology (ICT) for Work and Be Ready for Work.
    • Practical Training stage. This stage works to involve the participants in a temporary work experience by offering internship opportunities in the Palestinian private and public sectors as well as institutions of civil society.