Media and Information Technology Unit

The management in Jabal An-Nar Club decided in 2016 to merge the units of Media and Information Technology together into a single integrated unit working to satisfy the needs of the local community, in general, and the Palestinian youth, in specific, in the fields of media and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). So, the unit offers a series of services, trainings and activities that work to develop the various media and ICT skills.

The services and training programs offered by the unit are divided into three primary categories:

  1. Media services and activities. The unit offers a series of distinctive services in the fields of visual, audio and written media, as follows:
    1. Producing diverse Awareness films and spots in creative ways: The Unit produces a lot of spots and films that comes from the youth’s creative ideas. So, the unit embraces these ideas by transforming them into many spots and films shared with public.
    1. Media trainings. The unit holds specialized training sessions for different age groups including children and youth. Topics include: photography and video, TV editing, film making, graphic design as well as social media.
  • Services offered to companies and organizations. The unit offers many services in this direction, as follows:
    • Producing documentary films and advertising spots for other organizations so that they are used in conferences or events.
    • Building and designing advertising and publicity campaigns. This includes building an advertising identity for organizations, designing books, magazines and periodicals, designing researches and annual reports in addition to designing and implementing high quality, interior and exterior advertisements.
    • Designing, organizing and managing community events beside social and commercial events.
    • Offering media coverage for different events and conferences, using the most advanced technologies and equipment.
  • Information and communication Technology (ICT). The unit seeks to increase the ICT literacy rate among the local community and develop the IT skills of the graduates and other youth interested, through offering a group of workshops and specialized training sessions, as follows:
    • IT workshops:  These include a group of specialized workshops in various ICT skills which held by either the staff members of the unit or external specialized experts.
    • Computer basics trainings for graduates: “ICT for Work” is and example of this type,  It works to develop the graduates’ IT skills needed by employers in daily office work. This training also seeks to familiarize the graduates with some other IT skills and applications so that they are better competitors in the job market.
    • IT summer camps. The IT summer programs provide youth from age 14-22 with a number of IT skills in the fields of web programing, means of modern technologies, social media and basic theoretical and practical skills in the use of PCs and smartphones.
    • Basics in computer and smartphones maintenance. It includes workshops that aims at introducing the computer and/or smartphones software and hardware components to the participants, teaching them how to deal with each and equipping them with skills needed for inspection and maintenance for computers and smartphones.
  • Practical training and Internship programs  for university students and fresh graduates:

The unit provides practical training and and internship opportunities within the unit itself to university students and graduates specializing in journalism & media, graphic design, information technology and other related fields. The purpose behind these opportunities is to improve and reinforce the trainees’ media and IT skills in order to help them for work opportunities in the future.

The unit has also made a lot of partnerships with international IT organizations, such as: Cisco, Microsoft and Intel, to implement lots of international IT programs including: Intel Learn Program with Intel, Myteec program and IT Essentials training with Cisco and others. These programs, in fact, have benefited thousands of youth, women and children during the past years.