Employability Unit

The Employability Unit was established in 2015 to improve the graduates’ and the -about- to- graduate students’ opportunities to get future jobs within the high levels of unemployment and big numbers of yearly fresh graduates from different specializations and universities. This is achieved by a group of trainings and programs implemented by the unit, as follows:

  • Both internal and external employment trainings: This program aims at preparing graduates to get involved in job market through both a practical training in the departments and units of the Jabal An-Nar Club and another practical training in other organizations in partnership with Jabal An-Nar Club.
  • Empowerment for Fresh Graduates (EFG) Program:This comprehensive, qualitative program consists of two primary stages:
  • The intensive training stage: It consists of 90 training hours to provide the graduates with the basic skills needed in the workplace. This includes five types of primary trainings which are: Public Relations for Work, Media for Work, Principles of Accounting and Finance for Work, Information Communication Technology (ICT) for Work and Be Ready for Work.
    • Field Training stage: This stage works to involve the participants in a temporary work experience by offering external internship opportunities in the Palestinian private and public sectors as well as institutions of civil society.
  • Be Ready for Work: This training aims at reinforcing the skills and capabilities of graduates in marketing themselves in job markets. The training includes CV and cover letter writing, work interviews and the development of various employability skills.
  • Trainings specialized in business environment: These trainings aim at preparing the graduates and the about to graduate students for job market through a number of specialized trainings. The purpose of these trainings is to provide these target groups with diverse skills in the fields of public relations, ICT, media, English and accounting & finance.
  • Support and career guidance: This happens through constant and direct support for the graduates, whether individually or collectively. Programs like Tamheed are considered one of the very prominent programs specialized in this field. Its purpose is to help youth in making better decisions about their future career in addition to identifying their points of strength and the points that need to be improved to get better job opportunities suitable for their interests and their personal traits.