Civic Engagement programs

Economic Empowerment programs

They aim to prepare and qualify university students and fresh graduates for the work field. Programs include:

  • Internship program: this program offers fresh graduates several opportunities to work for 6-2 months, whether at the club itself or in various local and private organizations and companies, which equips them with excellent practical experience in the work field, and enables them to find proper job opportunities and thrive in the workplace.
  • Self-branding and capacity building: this program aims to foster graduates’ skills and abilities in branding themselves better and improve their overall related pre-work skills such as CV writing and interviews skills, As well as enhancing their 21st century skills.
  • Business Entrepreneurship: this program provides both abstract and practical training that helps young people set a solid plan to develop their own business ideas or small projects and enterprises, which play a huge role in improving their present and future economic situation
  • Career Counseling: provides beneficiaries with professional counseling through various programs that assist them in identifying their capacities and skills so that they can collaborate on improving their decision-making process and career progression; and obtaining job opportunities that are a good fit for their personality, interests, andqualifications.