Civic Engagement programs

These programs provide workshops and activities that empower children and youth by encouraging them to develop their leadership and community engagement skills, as well as their ability to serve a diverse local community and make a genuine difference in the pursuit of justice and equality. These programs and activities include:

  • Capacity building and life skills development for children and youth: this program enhances children and youth’s life skills and leadership skills.
  • Social entrepreneurship and youth initiatives: Our young pioneers create and carry out campaigns and initiatives to benefit the local community, primarily the marginalized communities. These initiatives also aim to raise awareness about the value of voluntary work.
  • Education support: designed to improve pupils’ academic attainment in schools by providing them with a convenient study environment and qualified teaching staff in order to raise their academic competencies, as well as offering children various interventions and activities that aim to motivate them in their learning journey, so they can also contribute to developing the quality of education.
  • Summer camps: for both children and youth, through which different activities and events are held to engage youth in the fields of technology, media, and entrepreneurship.
  • Social Work and Volunteer Program: It aims to promote and encourage the culture of voluntary work in society. This program will raise awareness about the importance of social work and then put it into practice through various volunteer activities.
  • Entertaining scouting and sports activities: The club has official clowning and scouting squads that regularly hold activities for the local community on several national and religious occasions.