Other Services

Additional paid services provided by Jabal An-Nar Club for both local and international organizations:

The financial Resources of Jabal An-Nar Club is associated with the international and local funding opportunities which are unstable and insecure. And as Jabal An-Nar is a non-profit organization the club’s management has sought to find other financial resources to cover part of its operating expenses and achieved this by providing a number of competitive- priced services. Services include:

First: Various services provided to local and international organizations and companies by the Media and ICT Unit:

  • Media coverage for various events, conferences and workshops, including still photography and video recording with possibility of video editing.
  • Producing promoting films, documentary films and a variety of short spots.
  • Designing and printing various advertising campaigns.

Second: services (shows) provided by the clowning and entertainment team: in entertainment and open days for all different age groups. They include:

  • Clowning activities.
  • Puppet theater;
  • Telling stories (narration);
  •  Interactive and Telematch games;
  • Circus and acrobatics;
  • Painting on faces, Drama ,theater and singing;

Third: Renting halls, equipment and other facilities which include:

  • The Theater (a multi-purpose hall) :

The hall is equipped with Air conditioning, and sound systems including high quality speakers and microphones. It also has a wooden theater, that is designed like modern theaters in terms of where entrance and exit doors are placed, a specified room to control the sound system and a display screen that can be kept or removed as desired. The hall can accommodate between 150-200 persons, and it is suitable for various occasions and events such as conferences, meetings and graduation parties. Different trainings and activities around the year can also be conducted in this hall because of its large space.

  • The Training halls:

Jabal An-Nar Club owns training halls with different sizes to suit the numbers of different trainees’ groups. These multi-purpose halls can work as training halls, meetings halls or for other purposes and can accommodate between 25 to 35 persons.

  • Computer Lab

This hall contains 18 computer devices supported with different programs and softwares, with the possibility of adding more programs as needed. The lab also contains a projector , display screen, small sound system and Air conditioning system.