The launch of the first phase of “Jahzat” project at Jabal Al-Nar Club

The Jahazat Project for Economic and Social Empowerment has been implemented by the Jabal Al-Nar Club in partnership with the Active Citizenship Project (ACA). The project’s training phase, which focused on business empowerment and community leadership, gathered a total of fifty female participants from Nablus, Tulkarm, Jenin, Qalqilya, and Tubas. The club held the training for two weeks.

A wide range of subjects and issues were covered in the business entrepreneurship training, such as the challenges of the local labor market, entrepreneurship and its parts, skills related to creative thinking, the elements of a business model, and how to convey entrepreneurial ideas to businesses in Palestine. It also addressed writing cover letters and resumes, interviewing for jobs, understanding financial cultures, building positive relationships at work, using modern computers, developing one’s visual identity, and critical thinking skills.

However, community leadership training covered the concept of communication, its value, and the use of communication skills. It also addressed team management, leadership styles, and the idea of positive leadership. The training provided a live model of social initiative, its presentation, funding methods, and finally, an introduction to financial management for initiatives.

According to the project’s description, the qualified female trainers in social and business entrepreneurship will train lots of girls in the northern West Bank in order to take part in the project’s future phases. This is a part of an economic initiative to assist small businesses and carry out various socially beneficial community projects by giving young women opportunities to work.

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