Board Member Elections of Jabal An Nar Club for 2024-2027

On the seventeenth of February 2024, the General Assembly of Jabal Alnar Club convened, with the presence of both the general members of the club and the board member. The session was opened by Mr. Derar Touqan, the head of the administrative board, who welcomed all attendees and emphasized in his speech the necessity of continuing the work to provide all services and activities for various age groups, especially the marginalized ones, amidst the difficult circumstances faced by the Palestinian people. He also stressed the importance of expanding the club’s partnerships to serve the community institutions operating in the northern West Bank region.

During the session, the Executive Director of Jabal An Nar Club, Deyaa Jarrar, presented the administrative report for the year 2023 and highlighted the club’s achievements through various activities and programs serving Palestinian youth and students. The financial report for 2023 was also presented and unanimously approved by the general assembly members.

At the end of the meeting, the administrative board tendered its resignation, and the new board members for the club was elected by acclamation for the years 2024-2027. The new board members later held its first meeting, where the new administrative positions were distributed as follows: Derar Touqan as the Head of the Board Member, Awni Al-donbok as the Vice President of the Board, Amjad Shuqeer as the Secretary, Bashar Yaeesh as a member, Mohammed Suwan as the Treasurer and Head of the Scout, Abdulhadi Bashir as the Head of Youth Programs Department, Bahaa Jarrar as the Head of Public Relations Committee, Salma Abu Yassin Jarrar as the Head of Women and Culture Committee, and Wadah Al-dallal as the Head of Sports Committee.

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