The launch of the digital marketing program “Your Digital Touch” at Jabal Al-Nar Club

Jabal Al-Nar Club has launched a free digital skills training program in association with the international network Anna Lindh. This program is designed especially for women who are 25 years old and above, and are either current owners of small businesses or have their own businesses that they would like to expand their presence in the local market.

There are two main stages to the program’s framework. The first phase, which covers three days and 15 training hours, focuses on empowering women in the field of digital marketing. The second phase focuses on commercial photography and covers 12 training hours divided over three days to help participants showcase their products in the best possible image.

Your Digital Touch program’s main goal is to help women develop a unique identity. By making use of the most popular social media channels freely accessible today, these women are able to distinguish themselves from many other projects that are similar to theirs.

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