abal Alnar Club holds Basic Skills Training in the labor Market in partnership with the Aumnia Youth Center in Jenin City as part of the Jahazat project

As part of the Jahazat project for the economic and social empowerment of young women, Jabal An Nar Club in partnership with the Aumnia Youth Center and Active Citizenship Center, implemented the Basic Skills in the labor Market project, for 25 participants from Jenin, and lasting for 3 days.

The training covered various issues and topics, including: the labor market, its characteristics and dimensions, the concept and importance of resumes and cover letters, their components, and how to write them, using modern techniques, preparing for job interviews, and the mechanism of finding job opportunities through websites.

In addition to many interactive activities and exercises, aimed at encouraging trainees to participate in the training in a way that achieves the maximum benefit possible.

It is worth mentioning that the Jahazat project continues for two years, in collaboration with the partner institutions in the project: Al-Ahli Qalqilia Club, Tubas Sports Club, Shawika Cultural Sports Club, and the Aumnia Youth Center (Jenin).

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