Jabal An-Nar Graduating a New Generation

On October 5,2017, Jabal An-Nar organized a graduation party for different graduates who participated in the trainings held by Media and Employability Units in 2017. The celebration included more than 300 male and female trainees benefited from the various training programs provided by the Jabal An-Nar.

The celebration started with holy verses from Qur’an and the national anthem, followed by a speech delivered by Dirar Tuqan, the President of Jabal An-Nar Club. In his speech, he welcomed the audience and pointed out to the qualitative shift in Jabal An-Nar’s performance and how it became a prestigious institution in Nablus. He also talked about some of the voluntary work provided by the club to people in need, and how the center’s capabilities had developed to reach out all segments in the community.

The celebration was attended by a number of local organizations in Nablus such as Nablus Governorate,  Higher Council For Youth & Sports and universities. Mr. Zeyad Othman, the Director General of Media and Public Relations in Nablus Governorate delivered a speech on behalf of Nablus governor. He praised Jabal An-Nar in his speech for its remarkable role in developing and supporting the youth’s skills and capabilities. Likewise, Mr. Yousef Zou’bi, the Director of Northern District in Higher Council For Youth & Sports, expressed his happiness for graduating this cohort of trainees in the speech and emphasized the council’s constant eagerness to serve the youth’s needs in order to develop their skills and status. In addition, both of An-Najah National University and Al-Quds Open University participated in the ceremony due to their effective role in fulfilling the trainings.

The trainings provided that benefited the trainees were divided into two categories: General Trainings and Empowerment for Fresh Graduates. The first one was related to the trainings provided by Jabal An-Nar such as: Photography, Films Production and Be Ready. In photography, Jabal An-Nar graduated around a 100 male and female trainees who learned how take photos professionally and set the camera’s settings manually. For Films production, 20 trainees from the age group of (14-17) graduated after they learned how to produce spots from A to Z including: writing scenarios, recording videos, and editing them until they are fully ready. With respect to Be Ready Training, its graduates learned during the training the proper CV writing and how to prepare themselves for work interviews. They were also given pieces of advice to be able to better compete in the job market and increase their possibilities to get a job.

The second category of the trainings was related to Empowerment for Fresh Graduates (EFG) program which benefited around a 100 male and female graduates from An-Najah National University and Al-Quds Open University. This distinctive training program provided by Jabal An-Nar offered all of the registered graduates 5 types of intensive trainings followed by internship opportunities for some of them in  local organizations and institutions. The intensive trainings included: Media For Work, Public Relations For Work, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) For Work, Accounting For Work and Be Ready For work. In media training, the graduates learned how to use camera for office purposes, write news articles, manage pages of social media and conduct interviews to get the needed information. As related the training of accounting, it introduced the graduates to basic accounting principles. In the training of Public Relations, the trainees learned about the principles of Public Relations like how to organize events, react well in crisis and write formal official letters. ICT For Work taught the graduates how to use different computer programs effectively  such as Microsoft office and introduced them to important, professional websites like LinkedIn. The last but not the least, Be Ready For Work training which aimed at improving the graduates’ potential work opportunities, and it was conducted individually beside other various trainings.

The party included various sections. First, it included a comedian play performed by a couple of volunteers in Jabal An-Nar who were: Ahmad Murshed, Shadi Hamayel and Kayan Al-Masri. The play reflected the difficulties and sufferings the Palestinian youth encountered while looking for jobs. Besides, the party honored Mr. Osama Fityan, a former employees at Jabal An-Nar Club who worked as a Media Coordinator for 7 years. He was offered a plaque of appreciation for his distinctive efforts while working in Jabal An-Nar. Jabal An-Nar also offered appreciation plaques to An-Najah National University and Al-Quds Open university for their strenuous efforts to have their trainings succeed.

At the end of the celebration, Deyaa Jarrar, the Executice Director of Jabal An-Nar, thanked  the attending national and official institutions and universities, and the graduates and trainees benefited from the trainings.

It is worth mentioning that all the programs of the Employability Unit and a great deal of Media Unit’s programs were implemented by International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) organization and funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) within Partnerships with youth (PWY) project.

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