The Scout Performance Celebrates the Prophet’s Birthday in Nablus City

Jabal Al-Nar Club, through its scout troupe, celebrated the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday in Nablus with enthusiastic and festive activities which take place every year in the city.
Since the early morning hours, club volunteers adorned the streets with colorful decorative flags, turning the roads into a beautiful artistic canvas, They raced to distribute sweets to cars and pedestrians, asking for blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad. While the sounds of praises and religious songs echoed through loudspeakers.
Meanwhile, the scout group of Jabal Al-Nar Club paraded through the city streets, performing a distinctive scout show accompanied by drum beats and scout movements.
The executive director of Jabal Al-Nar Club, Diaa Jarrar, added that the people of Nablus have been celebrating the Prophet’s birthday for several years, and the club’s scout troupe has carved a special place in their hearts. They eagerly await its appearance on the streets every year during the Prophet’s birthday to watch and march alongside it.

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